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Teague & Thomas Lead Hudson Sweep At Daytona - February 10, 1952

February 10, 1952

Marshall Teague and Herb Thomas, driving Marshall Teague owned 1952 Hudson's, finish 1-2 in the NASCAR Grand National race at Beach & Road Course, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.

The second event of the 1952 season took place on the famed 4.1 mile road course of Daytona Beach Speedway, and driver Marshall Teague took the victory in a 1952 Hudson. Herb Thomas led the first lap of the event, but Teague managed to lead laps 2 to 37. 20,000 spectators witnessed 61 drivers start the event; but at the end of the scheduled 200 mile race, only 10 cars were still running. The race was eventually halted on lap 37 due to the incoming tide which encroached on the beachfront straight of the track.

The 1952 NASCAR Grand National season was dominated by Hudson automobiles, winning 27 of the scheduled 34 races. No other make won more than three times. The reason the Hudson Hornet was so successful, winning over 80 NASCAR races between 1951 and 1955, has been attributed to its low center of gravity, 'mono-built body' and center point steering system. The center point steering system contributed to the car's superior handling and cornering abilities; allowing the vehicle to excel on the dirt covered race tracks of the day.
(Photo: Fabulous Hudson Hornet via photopin (license))
Fabulous Hudson Hornet

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