Sunday, June 24, 2018

"Alabama Gang Member" Hut Stricklin Born - June 24, 1961

June 24, 1961
Waymond "Hut" Stricklin Jr.
Born in Calera, Alabama, USA.
He married Pam Allison, the daughter of NASCAR legend Donnie Allison after they were introduced by her cousin Davey. Stricklin was the last member of the Alabama Gang.

In 1987, Stricklin won NASCAR's Dash Series championship and made his debut in the Winston Cup Series. Two years later, he finished second to Dick Trickle in the NASCAR Rookie of the Year competition. He would go on to a NASCAR Cup Series career of 328 races run over 15 years.

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  1. While Hut is not regarded at one of the top drivers in NASCAR history, he’s by far one of our favorites! What’s that you say? Being part of any of the legendary history of NASCAR is special, and that definitely qualifies us.

    You see, Judy and I are owners of The Maxx2Racing Team, and we own the Circuit City sponsored ’97 NASCAR Superspeedway Ford T-bird, driven by Hut, and built by the Stavola Brothers. We contacted the surviving Stavola Brother a few years ago to discuss the car with him, and to verify that this was in fact that car. The cars of this era just do not survive, but this one was and is still cared for.

    A longtime friend of the our team purchased the car, and converted it to Land Speed Racing (LSR), setting a few records in the Eastern part of the U.S. We purchased it in 2008 as a “Roller”, and started the path to gain speed in the car for further LSR events.

    Running events across the U.S, the car has set multiple records (Seven) from the West Coast to the East Coast. You will see each and every one of those records in our signature, including insight into the primary driver of the car for those records, that being famed LSR driver David Haas, who holds the world record for most 200 LSR Clubs at ten (10), four (4) of those world record clubs being set in the ‘Bad Bird’.

    David has driven the ‘Bad Bird’ to a top speed of 224.9 MPH (Details in our signature), with the LSR Community knowing this is currently the only car that can break the NASCAR Bodied Record at the Bonneville Salt Flats, currently held by Russ Wicks at 244 MPH. David is also a member of the prestigious Bonneville 300 Club, having set records in the Haas Brothers Racing Streamliner of 309+ (329 one way).

    Richard (aka Maxx) and Judy White
    The Maxx2Racing Team
    Maxx’s Landing USA