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Ayrton Senna Wins At Donington Park - April 11, 1993

April 11, 1993

(Photo credit: Ayrton Senna via photopin (license))
It was the third round of the 1993 Formula One season. The race was the first held under the European Grand Prix title since 1985, and to date is the only Formula One grand prix held at Donington Park. The race was contested over 76 laps and was won by Ayrton Senna for the McLaren team, ahead of second-placed Damon Hill and third-placed Alain Prost, both driving for the Williams team.

Senna's drive to victory is regarded as one of his finest, and his first lap exploits are particularly lauded, in which he passed four drivers to take the lead in torrential conditions. The Williamses were 1–2 in qualifying with Prost on pole ahead of Hill, Schumacher, Senna, Wendlinger and Andretti. At the start, it was damp and Schumacher blocked Senna and both lost time and Wendlinger took third. Having dropped to fifth, Senna quickly passed Schumacher at the third corner. He then went after Wendlinger, passing him through the Craner Curves with Schumacher and Andretti trying to follow through. Schumacher went through but Andretti hit Wendlinger and both were out. Senna went after Hill now and took second at McLean's Corner. Now Prost was the target and the lead was taken at the Melbourne Hairpin. By the end, Senna had lapped the entire field except for one car and finished over a minute ahead of second place Damon Hill.

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