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"5-time NHRA Champ" Ronnie Sox Dies - April 22, 2006

 December 17, 1938 - April 22, 2006
Ronnie Sox 
 Born in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA.
His family ran a Sinclair station on Church St. in Burlington, North Carolina, where Ronnie got his start in drag racing in the 1950s when the Police Club of Burlington began hosting races at an airport.

He raced at tracks throughout North Carolina and became a national sensation in the 1960s and early '70s. Sox won five National Hot Rod Association championships and more than 59 events. Together with racing partner Buddy Martin, Sox was the winningest Pro Stock driver in the 1970-72 "four-speed era". Initially Martin and Sox were competitors, but Martin approached Sox to drive his car after concluding that he just couldn't beat him. He drove a 1963 Chevrolet and then a factory AFX Mercury Comet in 1964. In 1965 he drove an Altered Wheelbase Plymouth. 

He started the 1966 season in an injected, nitro-burning Barracuda Funny Car. 
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Later that season he drove Plymouths in the Pro Stock class of NHRA and had "Clinic" cars with Plymouths. He then drove a Mercury Comet in IHRA Pro Modified for a few years before retiring from drag racing. 

Sox was ranked 15th on the National Hot Rod Association Top 50 Drivers, 1951-2000. He died of prostate cancer at the age of 67, in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

As the sport of drag racing exploded in the 1950s, two youngsters from North Carolina each rose through the ranks racing Chevrolets. It didn't take long for one of them to realize that if you couldn't beat him it may be best to join him. Buddy Martin approached Ronnie Sox about campaigning a 1963 Z-11 Chevy; and with that partnership, the most dominant duo in the history of drag racing was formed.
Sox & Martin: The Most Famous Team in Drag Racingis a comprehensive archival recap of straight-line racing's greatest duo. Historic and modern imagery recapture the celebrated Plymouth race cars campaigned by Ronnie and Buddy throughout their legendary partnership. Also chronicled are the lesser-known Oldsmobile, Ford, Pontiac, Chevrolet, and Mercury mounts predating their time with Chrysler. The races, the cars, the events; all of it is covered here during this golden age of drag racing.

Author Jim Schild, with the help of Buddy Martin, Herb McCandless, Jake King, Diane Sox, Dave Christie, and others, has created the most exhaustive, authentic review of the illustrious drag racing career of Sox & Martin. 
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