Friday, January 12, 2018

Tim Williamson Killed At Riverside - January 12, 1980

January 13, 1956 - January 12, 1980
Tim Williamson
Home: Seaside, California, USA.
He competed in three NASCAR Cup Series events in his career, earning one top-ten. All of those races came in 1979, when Williamson debuted at Riverside. Starting 26th in the thirty-five car field, Williamson completed all but three laps in route to a solid 9th place effort. He was not able to improve in his other two races, however, finishing with midpack efforts of 26th at another Riverside race and 22nd at Ontario.

Williamson was killed at Riverside International Raceway during the companion NASCAR Grand American event the day prior to the 1980 Cup Series opener. In an attempt to pass competitor Glen Steurer through the esses early in the race, one side of Williamson's car left the track surface which then caused the car to slide out of control back across the track, as well as an additional run-off area before hitting a retaining wall. The driver's-side of the car hit the retaining wall broadside with enough force to careen the car back across the run-off area and onto the track surface where it came to rest just before turn six.

Since his death, there has been a Tim Williamson Classic memorial race held each year at Ocean Speedway (formerly Watsonville Speedway) in Watsonville, California.

Tim was elected to the West Coast Hall Of Fame in 2011.

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