Monday, January 22, 2018

"Sprint Car Hall of Fame Legend" Bob Sall Born - January 22, 1908

January 22, 1908 - October 14, 1974
Bob Sall
Born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA.
He made 4 AAA Championship Car starts from 1934 to 1937. He competed in the 1935 Indianapolis 500, driving in a radical front wheel drive Miller chassis powered by a Ford V8 engine. He retired with steering problems, finishing 29th.

Bob Sall was a top sprint car driver in the 1930's, specialising in short oval racing. Having been an owner/driver throughout most of his career, he was a “money driver”, and was almost always around at the finish of a race. Bob Sall’s documented racing victories from 1930 through 1941 include sixty-eight AAA Sprint Car wins, three CSRA (Central States Racing Association) Sprint Car triumphs, three AAA Midget race wins, one IMCA Sprint Car victory, and one sprint car win of unknown sanction for a total of seventy-six race victories.

He did occasional Midget and Stock Car events and later became NASCAR's Eastern field manager.

Bob Sall died in Creamridge, New Jersey on October 14, 1974. He was inducted in the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in 1992.

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