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Richie Panch & Dale Singleton Die In Plane Crash - September 2, 1985

May 28, 1954 - September 2, 1985
Richie Panch
(Photo;"RichiePanchNASCAR" by Source)
Born in Daytona Beach, Florida.
Panch, who was following in his father’s footsteps as a NASCAR driver, was returning to Daytona Beach when his private plane crashed and killed him and others on board.

Panch, age 30, was flying a Piper PA-28-235-B plane and flew into heavy rain and squall line over Rion, South Carolina and came apart in mid-air. Pilot error, poor judgment and planning was blamed. Four people died in the accident, including Richie Panch's close friend Dale Singleton, a famous motorcycle rider, two-time winner of the "Daytona 200". For more see Richie Panch page

August 27, 1955 - September 2, 1985
Dale "Flying Pig Farmer" Singleton
Born in Dalton, Georgia, USA.
Dale was the David who twice slayed the factory racing team Goliaths by winning the prestigious Daytona 200 in 1979 and 1981 on privateer Yamahas. He also won the AMA Road Racing Championship in 1981. Singleton was one of the best-liked riders in the paddock. The friendly Georgian was dubbed the "Flying Pig Farmer" by a fellow racer. The press picked up the moniker and Singleton played into the myth by carrying baby pigs into the Daytona winner's circle during podium celebrations.
Even though Singleton was not really a pig farmer, it was his girlfriend’s family who raised pigs.

Racing earned Singleton the money to build a beautiful home in the foothills of Northern Georgia. He also had a large workshop where he prepped his race machines. Having reached the top in American motorcycle racing, Singleton retired from two wheels after the 1982 season and began to pursue a career in NASCAR racing.

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