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"Former Indy 500 Winner" Pat Flaherty Dies - April 9, 2002

January 6, 1926 - April 9, 2002
 Pat Flaherty
Born in Glendale, California, USA.
George Francis Flaherty, Jr, known professionally as Pat Flaherty, was an American racecar driver who won the Indianapolis 500 in 1956.

He drove in the AAA and USAC Championship Car series, racing in the 1950, 1953–1956, 1958-1958, and 1963 seasons with 19 starts, including the Indianapolis 500 races in 1950, 1953, 1955, 1956, and 1959. He finished in the top ten 9 times, with victories in 1955 and 1956 at Milwaukee as well as the 1956 Indianapolis 500. 

The Indianapolis 500 was part of the FIA World Championship from 1950 through 1960. Drivers competing at Indy during those years were credited with World Championship points and participation. Pat Flaherty participated in 6 World Championship races. He started on the pole once, won once, and accumulated a total of 8 championship points. 

After winning the 1956 Indianapolis 500, Flaherty was severely injured in a race car crash less than three months later, which prevented him from racing at the 500 again until 1959. 

Flaherty successfully raced pigeons for over twenty years after he retired from auto racing. Flaherty died in Oxnard, California on April 9, 2002.
(Photo: wplynn via photopin cc)
Borg Warner trophy with inscription of Pat Flaherty

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  1. pat drove the first champ car with a roll bar when the car rolled the bar crushed his arm.